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Increased efficiency and productivity while reducing costs through intelligent AR deployment.

REX Products

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Become an Augmented Reality user in just a few minutes with our REX plug-ins and apps.

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Digitization Solutions

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We combine expertise and know-how for our customers
to help them tackle tough challenges.

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Partner Solutions

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Software development by AMC Bridge or Google Maps services directly distributed through Robotic Eyes – with local support.

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What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality overlays real-world environments with digital information.


Most modern mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and Microsoft HoloLens support AR applications.


"Augmented Reality allows for novel and innovative software solutions. We will, together with partners such as Google and Microsoft, guide our customers along their journey into the digital future of their companies."

Dr Wolfgang Walcher

CEO of Robotic Eyes

Distribution Partnerships

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Do you require special software programming (e.g. AEC, BIM, PLM)?

AMC Bridge, represented by Robotic Eyes, offers software development services in the DACH region, scalable team sizes from 2 to 100 people, excellent conditions and decades of know-how.

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Do you use Google Maps for your business or brand?

You need Mapping Services, Driving Directions, Real-Time Tracking and more – Robotic Eyes is Google Maps distributor in the DACH region and provides you with local German-spearking support and competitive rates.

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Robotic Eye’s mission is to make life and work easier for our customers.

We combine augmented reality, mobile applications and innovative cloud-first software solutions to convert todays visionary ideas into the reality of tomorrow.

Technology must serve humanity – never the other way around.

Since 2016, Robotic Eyes offers consulting, research, software development, standard software and online services with a strong focus on architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) to customers in the DACH region and around the world

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