We Augment Reality

Robotic Eyes leads the way! 

It all started with a vision

When in 2014 Robotic Eyes founder Wolfgang Walcher for the first time tested an early top-secret prototype of the Microsoft HoloLens in a secret Microsoft research laboratory, he immediately realized: “This is a completely new way to interact with computers and it will fundamentally change how we live and work.”

Together with CTO Dr. Bernhard Reitinger he started in 2016 to develop a first software solution – the foundation for the innovative AR applications and digitization solutions of Robotic Eyes was set. 

CSO Dr. Josef Kauer joined the company on the way to market maturity and professional sales. In 2017, after ten years at Microsoft, he moved to Robotic Eyes to change the world with us. 

About us

Mission Statement

We make life & work easier by turning the real world into a natural, easy-to-understand 3D screen.

Robotic Eyes principles

We make life easier for our customers!
Technology must serve the people - not the other way around.
When we have the choice, we choose the sustainable, resource-friendly option.
We live inclusion and diversity!

Do you have a passion for software development and want to shape the future of the digital world with us?

The Founders


Dr. Wolfgang Walcher, CEO


Wolfgang Walcher is the Managing Director of Robotic Eyes and has worked for over 15 years in the USA, including 10 years at Microsoft. His area of expertise are Business Management, Cloud-/ and Online-services as well as 3D-modelling. He holds a doctorate from the University of Technology in Graz.


Dr. Bernhard Reitinger, CTO


Bernhard Reitinger is the technical director of Robotic Eyes and responsible for product development. He specializes in 3D software, augmented reality & more. He has a long history and proven track-record in software development management at Microsoft, Google & co.

Dr. Josef Kauer CSO

Dr. Josef Kauer, CSO


Josef Kauer is the head of sales at Robotic Eyes and CSO. In addition to his many years of experience at Microsoft and in business development, as well as other areas of expertise, he is President of BIM-World Munich and a recognized expert in the construction industry.



Benjamin Starz, BA
Art Director


Christian Kartnig, BSc
Product Manager


Alexander Huber, Dipl. Trainer
Head of Marketing


Ing. Martin Schögler
Backend Systems


Christoph Heidenreich
Head of Mobile Development


Thomas Eibl, BSc
Custom Solutions Manager


Pol Monsó, BSc MMSc
Head of R&D


Mag. Christina Walcher


Company Mascot

Girish Tunk

Girish Tunk, MSc
Frontend Development

Constantin Zach

Constantin Zach
Embedded Systems

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Robotic Eye’s mission is to make life and work easier for our customers.

We combine augmented reality, mobile applications and innovative cloud-first software solutions to convert todays visionary ideas into the reality of tomorrow.

Technology must serve humanity – never the other way around.

Since 2016, Robotic Eyes offers consulting, research, software development, standard software and online services with a strong focus on architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) to customers in the DACH region and around the world

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