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Augmented Reality for all

Welcome to the wonderful world of AR!

With REXview and REX Plug-Ins, your plans are transformed into three-dimensional hologram in seconds. Share your holograms with business partners, customers or the whole world – quickly, easily and with just a few clicks!

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Bring your plans into real life!

The REXview app turns your plans and 3D models into three-dimensional reality.

REXview makes holograms visible to you, your family and friends as well as colleagues, business partners, government officials and others.

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From now on you will be thinking in Holograms

REX changes how we understand and communicate 3D plans and drawings. Once you are used to seeing, exploring and experiencing holograms, you never want to go back. The old ways will feel as outdated and cumbersome as a road atlas.

REX - the easiest way to create your very own holograms


Synchronize or upload your 3D model

Synchronize 3D models with REX using a CAD plug-in or directly upload the files. One-time free registration at is required to upload data to REX.


Instant viewing, understanding and sharing

Use the free REXview app to view your holograms at full or reduced size, to freely walk around and explore them, and to position them permanently in the real world. Take pictures at any time and share them directly from your mobile device.

Download REXview for free


Easy sharing

Share your holograms with the world.

Show and share your holograms via social media, send a link, or a REXtag (QR-code).

Recipients need only the free REXview app to enjoy your holograms.

Data safety first

REX shares Holograms based on your data without ever saving the source file.

We don’t store or have access to your original data.

You own your hologram and you have full control over all access rights.

Go public

Holograms are great for marketing and advertising. Stand out from your competitors!

Make your holograms visible to the public by placing REXtags (special QR-codes) in print and online media.

If you update or change a hologram, the changes are automatically visible the next time a REXtag is used.

Simple Scanning*

REX makes taking site measuring incredibly easy.

Measurements are automatically stored in the REX cloud platform for you.

Data is easily exported to CAD extensions and other tools!

* Enterprise feature. Contact us.

Everywhere, anytime

REXview can be used anywhere, anytime on all devices.

If you lose your device, Holograms created beforehand will still be saved in your REX account.

DI Dr. Martin Emmerer

See what our customers have to say about us

“Two-dimensional plans are often hard to read and understand. When our customers experienced REX for the first time, they became enthusiastic and insisted on using REX for their projects from then on”.

DI Dr. Martin Emmerer

Co-founder and CEO, HoG Architektur ZT GmbH

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We combine augmented reality, mobile applications and innovative cloud-first software solutions to convert todays visionary ideas into the reality of tomorrow.

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