Citizen Information System 1

Citizen Information

Holograms make citizen information natural and fun!

Citizen Information System 2

1. A REXtag (QR code) is scanned with a smartphone or tablet.

Citizen Information System 3

2. And a correctly placed hologram in real size immediately projected!


"As soon as I could see our future town square with REXcis for the first time and was able to walk about it, I was thrilled! It was immediately clear to me – all citizens should have that experience!"

Mayor Ing. Karl Zimmermann

Mayor of Stattegg, Austria

See!Holograms appear embedded into the real world using Augmented Reality. Instead of ordinary plans and renderings, citizens use familiar smartphones or tablets to see real-size 3D objects superimposed into the real environment.
Experience!The holograms appear correctly sized and citizens are able to freely walk through them. Since they are spatially anchored in place, any number of people can experience them at the same time and explain or point things out to each other. For better overview, holograms can also be scaled down to any scale.

REXcis is for architects & planners,
government agencies, public decision-makers, developers, construction and civil engineering companies (AEC), but also works perfectly well with interior design, outdoor equipment, product marketing … and many other uses.

About REXcisThe REX Citizen Information System is the most intuitive and transparent means of citizen participation, public presentations and review processes.

Mobile apps using Augmented Reality technology project 3D holograms of planned buildings and objects in their original size and correct real-world location.

Any number of viewers may see and and explore those holograms at the same time.

REXcis is mainly used for reviews and public presentations during the planning and permitting phases of development and construction projects. REXcis provides a groundbreaking new experience resulting in very high approval rates, due to better understanding of the project being presented.

Fully Transparent Public Information

Perfectly informed citizens at low costs and minimal additional effort. 


Real-size holograms are as easy to understand as looking at the real building. No plan reading skills, imagination or special training is required. This takes citizen participation to the next level. 


Compatible with all standard sources of 3D CAD and BIM modelsModel changes are synchronized with the holograms in real-time. 

Citizen Information System 4

Holograms are public for everyone to see..

Citizen Information System 5

... and anchored where the planned project will be built. 


No special training or equipment is required. Basic knowledge about using Smartphone or Tablet is sufficient to view holograms and pointing the camera at a REXtag (QRcode) is the only user action required to start the experience. 

Perfect Location

Once a hologram is anchored at the right location this position is memorized and regardless of their device, all users sees the same model in the same place. More importantly, the holograms firmly stay in place as people walk around to explore, take pictures or discuss what they see with others around. Citizen participation istransformed into a whole new experience! 

Citizen participation, public polls and presentations are transformed into a whole new experience through lifelike 3D holograms that can be displayed with any current smartphone or tablet.

Inform, Convince and Sell with Ease

Use REXcis to sell and lease real estate.


Upload your existing 3D Models from your CAD tool of choice easily.
In just a few seconds your holograms are available for viewing with your mobile device.


Changes and model updates are processed immediately. Customers receive in-app notification about updates inreal-time.  

Citizen Information System 6

Lifelike REX holograms are positioned correctly in the real world for viewing with REXcis. 

Triple Benefits

REXcis simplifies approval procedures, is convenient and convincing for customers, is easy to set up and customize and enables a completely new marketing and sales experience. 

Safe and discreet

Your original 3D data is converted into hologram data by the REcloud. We never store or share the original data. The owner has full control over who gets to see the resulting holograms. By default, they are only visible to the owner.

DI Dr. Martin Emmerer

An architect about REXcis

"Two-dimensional plans are often hard to imagine. Since one of our customers has used REXcis for a presentation for the first time, he has been thrilled and no longer wants to miss REXcis when it comes to citizen participation."

DI Dr. Martin Emmerer

Co-Founder and CEO, HoG Architektur ZT GmbH

joachim naujoks

A city planner about REXcis

"Seeing the model of our plan as full-size 3D hologram exactly where the project will later be built, makes understanding it much easier for everyone involved."

Joachim Naujoks

Departmend Head Information Design, City of Esslingen, Germany

Your personal REXcis.

Citizen Information System 7

A publicly visible QR code (REXtag) can be scanned by citizens and locals. After scanning, a correctly positioned hologram is projected into the real world and can be fully walked through and experienced!

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