Process Digitization

Identify and document deviations, simplify complex project steps for users, record and collect data and much more.

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We increase efficiency and productivity

You have challenges, we have custom solutions.

We design digitization solutions for your company that can be seamlessly integrated into existing business processes.

We guide you from ideation and the first prototype all the way to the final project and deployment and provide support ever after.

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, our experts, in cooperation with our partners, offer the know-how and resources to implement digitization projects of any size for you.

Upon request, our solutions are available “white-label” with your very own branding.

Dr. Michael Haschke über Robotic Eyes

What our customers have to say about us

„In the mining business AR visualization is a high-tech communication tool for better condition monitoring, understanding and decision making. Better understanding leads to more time- and cost-saving decisions and optimized mining operations. Robotic Eyes is a highly qualified partner for us.”

Dr. Michael Haschke, EurGeol.

Manager Research & Development, DMT Group

Solution Areas

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Lean Construction Management

Augmented Reality makes plan vs. built comparisons as easy as child’s play. With a quick glance at their smartphone, construction supervisors are able to detect problems at an early stage and to initiate corrective action.

Throughout the workflow of repairs, corrections and subsequent quality control, actions are captured and documented in 3D. This makes it possible to verify remotely, that the planned actions were taken at the correct location and the right time and have been completed as specified.

Concrete Example

Remote Assistance combined with Augmented Reality helps making complex decisions under time pressure directly on site.

By visually comparing 3D holograms with the underlying physical reality directly on site, Augmented Reality Applications like concrete reinforcement inspection, help resolve ambiguous situations and save time and money.

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Accurate and efficient billing

AR makes tracking construction progress very easy. Measuring time and material consumption almost automatically saves time and improves costing and pricing significantly.


Our customers track progress and material consumption in 3D and previously tedious tasks like creating a bill of materials, invoicing, etc. are done with just one click.


This saves time and money, but most importantly, it  significantly reduces the risk of human errors.

Sales optimization

Apps for field sales use Augmented Reality to reduce the number of on-site customer visits. Your sales force now serves more customers in the same amount of time and avoids unnecessary travel time.

Their customers see holograms of the desired products in the correct dimensions and the correct location. Any change requests are synchronized with the respective holograms and are instantly visible to the customer for inspection, approval and ordering.

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