Your AR Experience starts with REXfree

Whether you are simply a viewer, architect or public decision maker - you decide which components of REXfree you would like to use.


Register for a free REX account to save your 3D models in .obj or .dae format as a personal hologram, manage access rights or view the models synchronized with SketchUp using REXview!

CAD Plugin - REX for SketchUp

Use the free SketchUp plug-in and bring your 3D models to life with ease as holograms.

Synchronize your 3D model with one click and instantly view changes using the hologram displayed with the REXview app.

REXview on mobile phone

Mobile App REXview for Android and iOS

Reading complicated plans was yesterday!

With REXview you can experience Augmented Reality on your smartphone, tablet or HoloLens.

View your 3D projects in real size or as a model in front of you and get a completely natural idea of optics, dimensions, colors and overall effect. All you need is your mobile device with built-in camera.

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