REXos 1

Operating System
for Augmented Reality

What is REXos?REXos – the cloud-based Augmented Reality Operating System.

Develop your own augmented reality applications based on REXos instead of reinventing the wheel.

REXos takes care of device and user management, APIs, security and authentication, cloud storage, permanent hologram placement and much more!


Secure user authentication is the foundation of our system.

REXos uses the standard OAuth2 protocol.

Data management

RexOS is data centric. All data is securely stored and any user generated data is stored in one place.

3D geometry engine

Visualization requires geometry.

REXos has its own 3D geometry processing engine for mobile rendering.

Multi-user collaboration

In REXos users can collaborate and share information. This allows a multi-user AR experience.

Asynchronous messaging

Devices and services need to communicate using events. REXos offers different messaging systems.

Permanent positioning

Data in rexOS can be attached to real world anchors. This allows for permanently position any information.


Static content if often not good enough. Animation or even simulation is one part of rexOS.


REXos is exposing REST APIs for developers in order to integrate the technology into other applications.

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